Tuesday, July 26, 2005

He left me alone in the room. I lay still listening to the music and trying to ignore my bladder. I had to pee, and I knew once I did that my bowels would want to be emptied. I had no idea when the cum would happen.

Sometime later I began to squirm as my bladder began to really hurt. Was he watching me struggle? I had no clue. I decided to piss my diaper then bare any more discomfort. It took some concentrating. When I let the first few drops out and I felt them on my groin I clinched-up. My concentrating and the pee began to flow again. Finally it was coming out full force. I felt it all over my crotch and pouring down toward my ass. I wondered if I would leak onto the bed. I let out a sigh as I squeezed the last bit out. The diaper was soaking it up and becoming heavy.

He was suddenly there next to me. He kissed my mouth and said "Good boy. One down. Two to go". Then he seem to be gone. He moved so quietly I couldn't be sure where he was.

Suddenly my bowels kicked into action wanting release.

Friday, June 24, 2005

"I'll let you up after you do three things, baby."

"What?" I said.

"What...Daddy" he said.

"What, Daddy?" I asked.

"First, you have to wet your diaper." My cock got a little harder.

"Second, you have to mess in your diaper." Even harder.

"What? I can't do that! That's gross!" I said.

"But baby you don't understand. You've got no choice. You can try and fight it but I'm in control, and I have ways of making you do what I want you to. Now the third thing is that you cum in your diaper. I don't care what order you do them in. Just do them and Daddy will untie you." My cock was really stiff now. He must have seen the the front of my diaper tenting.

I thought about it and thought about how I could get out of this. "I won't do it and you better untie me, now. I don't want to do this anymore."

He laughed and I felt him pat my head. I began to shout "Let me up" and cursing at him. Suddenly without warning I felt myself being rolled on my side, and he began paddling me. Even through the diapr and plastic pants it hurt like hell. I begged him to stop but he kept going. After a few dozen hits and my ass hurting he stopped. I was near tears.

"Now, baby, there will be NO more outbursts like that or you'll get worse." I felt him pull my diaper and plastic pants up and roll me back on my back. "Just relax and I'll check on you later. Be a good baby and mess your diaper for Daddy."

Friday, June 17, 2005

I woke up with my arms and legs tied to the bed posts and a blindfold over my eyes. I was groggy from what ever he put in my drink last night. It also felt like I still had my underwear on...or something on. Music was playing on a stereo but I thought I could hear a crinkling sound as I moved. I yelled out "Hello?" but it didn't come out very loudly; my throat was really dry. He must have been watching me because I felt a straw pressed to my lips and I began to drink. "Drink all you want," he said, and I did. "Are you going to let me up?" I asked. I didn't know if he would. He enjoyed this type of thing and I'd promised him I'd spend the week with him. "Later," he answered me. "But I need to pee," I said. "So?" he said back, "just pee then." I felt his hand on my crotch and heard the crinkling sound. I realized what I was wearing: diapers.

After I passed out he had stripped me and could have done anything to me while I was out. It didn't feel like he had fucked my ass. Maybe he simply diapered me and let me sleep. I begged him to let me up but he didn't way anything to me. He mgiht have left the room. I really needed to go and I said so and that I had a lot in me. I heard a drawer open and close quietly. "The'll you'll need this on you." I heard rustling sounds and him doing something by the diaper.
"What is it?"
"Plastic pants, in case you leak. Before I untie you, that diaper is going to be wet, boy. And by wet I mean soaked through."
"Please let me up, I'm not liking this."
"No way, boy-"
"What's with the 'boy' stuff?" I interrupted. There was a smack on my leg that really stung.
"Listen to me. You promised to spend the week with me doing whatever I wanted you to do. This is what I like to do, and you have 7 days of humiliation, bondage, and forced diapering to experience. I will not call you by your name, but by the names I want to use, and you will call me 'Daddy', 'Sir', or 'Master'. Any breaking of these or any other rules I give you will result in a paddling. And don't think I can't make you cry, boy."
His speach was getting me hard. I was an adult man under the total control of another guy. Being helpless and doing what he forced me to do was turning me on, big time.